‘Being Mary Jane’ producer Mara Brock Akil has launched the new production company Story 27

Famous TV producer and screenwriter Brock Achilles died In a multi-year contract in collaboration with Netflix, a new production company has announced the launch of Story 27 where he will write and produce scripted content and other creative projects.

“In Story 27, thinkers and entertaining projects centering on marginalized humanity are prioritized and it begins by identifying the best and most unique storytellers,” Brock Achilles said. Diversity.

The Being Mary Jane And Girlfriend Employed producer of TV series Susie Fitzgerald, Former executive vice president of AMC as president of development and production. Fitzgerald will oversee all film, TV and digital media projects for Story 2 for.

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“Susie’s artist-friendly approach, with its taste and impressive track record, can make Story 227 a destination and a place for creative and writers to take the next wave, with impressive storytelling. “I’m thrilled to have him with me at both the creative and business tables as we grow the company through our partnerships with Netflix and beyond,” said Brock Akil.

Story 227 has a number of projects, including a one-hour drama about two agents from Oakland, a black brother, called “Agency”, a YA drama called “Forever”, and a half-hour drama called “Astronaut Chicks” by a group of black women friends. Comedy. And a documentary bought from Dr. Ibram X.

Brock Achilles has set up office in the Sugar Hill Arts District in West Adams, Los Angeles, a historic black community once considered West Coast Harlem. It’s a creative space for writers and other creative collaborators.

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“We have to pick up when we get to the top,” Brock Achilles said. “And if we want the world to move on a new inclusive side on its axis, we need to advise and create opportunities for the next generation to share knowledge that will help them build their voices, so they can say what is burning inside them is an entertaining Tell me the way. “

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