Ben Gibbard honors Michael Nesmith with a livestream tribute

Michael Nesmith died yesterday at the age of 78, and when musicians flooded social media to pay homage to the bunky star, Ben Gibbard took a different approach. The Death Cab for Qty Frontman hosted an instant livestream on Instagram to play some of his favorite songs written by (or for) Nesmith.

“Mike Nesmith is gone today and I’m totally disappointed. I consider myself very lucky to be able to call him a friend, “he captioned. “I believe the best way to mourn the loss of a musician is to play his music. When we do that we keep the beauty of their souls alive in our hearts. That said, please enjoy some of my favorite Nez songs. “

“Rest in peace, Papa Nez,” he concluded his message. “I am very grateful to know you.”

Wearing a blue beanie in honor of his friend, Gibbard ran through a five-song setlist in which Nesmith wrote tracks from other artists (“Different Drums”), which he performed with the first national band (“The Crippled Lion,” “Joan”). . ”), Gibbard’s favorite Monkies song (” You Just May Be the One “), and Gibbard wrote the song for Monkis’ last album. Good times! (“Me and Magdalena”).

“I have to admit, at the time I wrote this, I was thinking of a way to get to the front of the line as far as the songs being submitted, and I knew Nez lived in the Carmel / Monterey area, so I thought if I slipped into a geographical reference I would To be able to get to the final line, the “singer-songwriter” explained before diving into “Me and Magdalena”. “I guess it worked. I play it occasionally on solo shows, and I always say it – it sounds like hyperball but it doesn’t – the fact that Nez and Bunky recorded this tune for me is really one of the greatest honors of my life. “

See Ben Gibbard’s tribute to Michael Nesmith below.

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