Best: the actors in their own drama series acting as the sheet anchor

Like the striker in football, he is the main actor on whom the balance of the team hangs. The play revolves around him, others feed him the line, speed up towards him and he has to tap the ball at crucial times. For example, in City of Dreams: Season 2, Atul Kulkarni’s character Ame Gaikwad was so intense that you waited breathlessly to see what was to come, or in The Family Man Season 2 you played Manoj Vajpayee in a submerged character that you can feel. Did that you were seeing a real agent at work. Best Actor, Series (Male), Miglam Filmfare OTT Award 2021 nominated drama presentation. One of the characters is Akela Hi Kafi Hai to make the audience look forward to more dramas. They really made a difference, just like the Tata entrance steel wood finish doors, which come with their own doors.

Best Actor, Series (Male), Drama

Anshuman Pushkar (Eclipse)

Anushuman Pushkar played the role of Rishi Ranjan, who was the head of the series. It was a sensitive character and if the actor made a mistake it could have fallen on his face but he acted it wisely and did full justice to the period drummer.

Atul Kulkarni (Dream City: Season 2)

Atul Kulkarni is so good as a cunning politician that he makes you hate him. This is what most actors want – the audience should just be engrossed in the performance and focus on the character and not the actor.

Bobby Deol (Ashram)

Bobby Deol is playing a layered character in the series. A Godman who is the epitome of all good while in public and the face of human inferiority in his personal moments. The role was completely different from what Bobby had done before and he performed very easily despite being in unknown waters.

Manoj Vajpayee (The Family Man Season 2)

Srikant Tiwari Manoj Bajpai as the season is not confident. He is suspected and personal crisis affected and upset people. Despite the challenges faced, but he performed his duties in an exemplary manner.

Pankaj Tripathi (Criminal trial: behind closed doors)

Pankaj Tripathi started out as a lawyer who filed an untouchable case for money and glory. But, as the series progressed, he began to believe in ensuring justice for his client, acquitting himself in the process.

Pratik Gandhi (Scam 1992: The Story of Harshad Mehta)

We all know Harshad Mehta, the Sensex king who used system loopholes to his advantage. Pratik Gandhi helps the infamous businessman to show a humane face through his impeccable performance. His deadpan dialogue delivery was icing on the cake.

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