Better.Com CEO is taking immediate leave of absence after laying off 900 employees during a recent zoom meeting.

#Roommates, a fire broke out on social media after a viral video was leaked earlier this week, showing the CEO of the mortgage company Better.com laying off 900 employees via a zoom call. Despite a huge apology from CEO Gorg, the response has been sharp since then – he is now reportedly taking an immediate leave of absence from his day-to-day responsibilities at the company.

@WSJ reports that it has been announced that it will take effect immediately, with the CEO of Better.com taking time off from the giant Gorg company. As a result, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ryan will manage the company’s day-to-day decisions, according to an email received by the company’s remaining employees and signed by Better.com Board of Directors and its Chief Consent Officer, Paula Tuffin.

Garg’s decision comes days after many on social media fired him over such impersonal issues during the holiday season and condemned him for being cold and cruel to his employees. “I would like to apologize for the way I handled the cuts last week. I have failed to show due respect and gratitude to the victims and for their contribution to the cause, “he said.

He continued, adding:

“It simply came to our notice then. I embarrassed you for doing this. I understand that the way I have reported this news has made a difficult situation worse. I am deeply saddened and committed to learn from this situation and to do more for the leader you expect me to be. “

900 laid-off employees represent 15% of Better.com’s workforce.

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