Bhumi Pednekar spoke of raising awareness about climate change

Along with Bhumi Pednekar, he is a socially conscious citizen and has launched an acclaimed Pan India Advocacy Campaign – Climate Fighter – to raise awareness about environmental conservation and climate change. Speaking on the same occasion, the actress said, “We are all responsible for what is happening around us. We all have a responsibility to protect the climate. I realized that as an actor I was lucky that I had a certain following. I know I have the ability to raise awareness about climate change. I am blessed that people want me to hear my voice about the seriousness of climate change. I need to use my invested followers and assemble them so we can all protect our planet. ”

Bhumi says he has been a climate fighter since childhood and has been trying to lead a sustainable life for many years. He expressed, “I am trying to live a sustainable life. It’s not always easy and there are moments when I wonder if I’ve slipped. At home, like a school teacher, I made sure that water was not wasted. We separate our waste at source. Single use plastic is not a big number in my family.

Land Pednecker

Land adds, “We make sure the plastics are recyclable. We compost our wet waste at home and make animal feed from it. If I have to pick up coffee from the outlet, I take my reusable mug. I carry my own water bottle and cutlery. So, I have tried to make important changes in my daily life and I thank my family for doing the same. ”

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