Big Boys toy-digger and ‘dozer’ ship just for the hell of it

Have you ever felt like you wanted to drive some big boys toys like a bulldozer, front-end loader or digger? Just for fun? Then take a road trip to Invercargill in the deep south of New Zealand.

A. This Invercargill excavation You can feel like a superhero in a 4 ton front-end loader, stacking up to 20 ton tires.

Or dig the whole dirt into the king of the gravel hole. Dump, dig and push around your path into a five ton digger. Guide your instrument hulking piece through subtle twirls and spins that will feel at home in a ballet performance. Run five tons of perfect power on a machine, which can run the most gentle technique.

Stack the tires with the front-end loader.

And if five tons isn’t heavy enough metal for you, go with the 15 ton version of Mega-Monster

But for the ultimate agro-kick, how can a car be crushed? You can even create your own experience: grab a can of spray paint and free your inner street artist before going behind a digger’s control and burying a clapped old banger. Rest assured, there is nothing more satisfying than listening to the crisis of isolated metals.

Drive your own bulldozer.

Did you like to make shelves as a child? I did. . . Look down. What about destroying them later? This is the experience for you. You won’t find any sea shells here, but for extra thrills you’ll find a huge pile of dirt on the beach before heading back and forth.

When I was younger I wanted a toy bulldozer so I could play in the sand around our beach house. Despite the sound of being rich enough to own a beach house (it was a shake at the end of a rough-dirt road in the sand-hills of Foxton Beach, New Zealand), we weren’t rich enough to carry an expensive toy.

I overcame that.

But the next time I come down the Invercargill Way I’m ready to see the real thing.

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