Big Fridia says Busy is not homophobic – he just has a problem with Lil Nass X

Things got heated on social media last weekend when Bosi Lil responded to Nass X when he claimed that the two of them were working on a record together. To the surprise of many, Bosi beats and calls Lil Nas X homophobic slurs and tells him to take his own life.

Various people have been monitoring the situation since the incident. After talking to Lil Nass X, most mentioned that Busi has a problem with the LGBTQ community. However, Big Fridia also talks about the situation and says that Bosi is not gay despite what people think.

TMZ Fridia was caught at the airport and when asked about the situation, Fridia said, “I don’t think Busy is gay. I think she has a problem with Lil Nasser. Busy’s new movie ‘My Struggle’ has a lot of gay people. He has a completely gay scene in prison where he is represented by many Louisiana gay boys. “

Fridia goes on to say that Busy was upset at the moment and said what was on her mind at the time

We are such Previously Reportedly, Busy doesn’t seem too upset about people’s reaction to her tweets to Lil Nass X, and Lil Nass X doesn’t seem to be upset either, tweeting, “I’m really sorry. I have never been so frustrated in my life. I can’t believe the Disney Channel hasn’t played Halloween Town this whole October yet. “

Lil Nas X’s Father Boosie apparently responded to Boosie’s tweet on Tuesday when Boosie was inactive by response. Lil Nass X’s father says, “How you are a gangster rapper, drugs, gun violence, humiliating women and every video you talk about is rising to the heights, your old man sitting down looking down.”

Busy replied to his father:

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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