Billy Ilish makes fun of teenage Colin Jost on SNL

The “bad guy” singer tried to keep his temper while watching the comedian’s picture, but in the end it got him. “Yes,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve seen other people fall in love here.”

In addition to his monologue, Billy showed off his acting chops in various hilarious sketches throughout the night, where he became a tickling star.

In the clip, viewers are seen scrolling through a crowd of tic-tac-toe, from ‘fit check to thirst trap’ to Billy’s last viral dance challenge dressed as a nurse as her patient flatlines behind her. But don’t worry, the patient was later resuscitated and joined in the dance.

He announced his first musical performance to a very special couple: his parents. Wearing a sweater that read “Billy’s mother,” her mother Maggie Baird He was very proud that his daughter started performing the single from his latest album, “Happy Than Ever” with her brother. Phineas.

Billy followed the performance with an emotional rendition of his track “Mail Fantasy”, where he sat with his brother on the floor of a dark room in front of a small Christmas tree.

This is not Billy’s first performance SNL. Her first appearance came back in September 2019, when she was the host as well as a music guest on the show Woody Harrelson, And performed his mega-hit “Bad Guy.”

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