Black girls and women have been murdered at a rate of 4 per cent with the increase in homicides in 2020

According to federal statistics, 2020 marked the largest year-on-year increase in homicides in U.S. history. As Americans have been affected by the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, homicides have risen by a percentage point compared to the previous year. But the risk of death for black girls and women is the most worrying information.

Guardian Reported that at least four black women and girls were killed every day in 2020. The FBI reports that despite the astonishing increase in the number of black women and girls, the actual number is probably higher than the 555 additional murders recorded in 2014.

Black women face a murder that is three times that of white women. The CDC has been reporting since at least 2017 that black women face a significant rate of homicide compared to other female populations in the United States. According to the CDC, the number of murders of black women seems to have increased even before last year’s killings. Records show that overall black men and boys died an additional 2,400 people in 2019, with the highest number of homicides. However, the number of black women facing a similar population is still staggering.

“There is not a moment in our society where there has been an account of the special kind of violence against black women.” Kimberly Cranash Says Guardian.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States, and while the rise of the murder of black women is not exclusive to crime among partners, most of the murdered girls and women know their killer.

In recognition, President Biden Issued a declaration, in part,

“In the United States, homicides are one of the leading causes of death for women under the age of 44, and nearly half are killed by current or former male intimate partners. Confronted, have increased isolation time with their abusers and have limited contact with their support networks.

Black Femicide US, an advocacy group that monitors violence and killings of black women and girls, says it has tracked 1,068 murders of black women and girls by 2021.

Ori Monroe, An organizer of Black Femicide US and co-founder of the Black Women Lead / Black Fame Fund, expressed high frustration.

“When things go bad, black women are the first to suffer,” she said.

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