Black Louisiana Trooper has sued the owners for revenge for talking about the death of a beaten motorcycle. News

Carl Cavalier Says his pending completion by the Louisiana State Police Department is revenge for criticism of how his department managed a fatal 2019 traffic stop.

According to NBC NewsCavalier, 33, said Friday (October 15th) that he would fight for his state military post. Cavalier has been in the state police department since 2014. A local television station quoted him as saying that his department had covered up the death of 49-year-old Ronald Green.

He has been on paid leave since August. He shared a letter from Oct-October warning him of his possible firing within days5 days. It was signed and dated by Louisiana State Police Super Lamar A. Davis.

In addition, the letter cited violations for public speaking, departmental loyalty, publicity demands, misconduct by an official, and dissemination of information.

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“I swore and swore to do what I was doing,” Cavalier said. “I am continuing my job with everything I have. If the judiciary works the way it is supposed to, if the appeals process works the way it is supposed to, I believe I will get my job back. ”

Cavalier said WWBRZ In June, he said, “We still have murderers in our eyes, jobs. Those who slapped their wrists for their role in the Ronald Green incident were not punished … patrolling the streets and quitting their jobs.”

Green, 49, was involved in a high-speed chase on May 10, 2019. The chase led to arrests by state troops. A year later, the footage was released to the Associated Press, where the soldiers were seen flashing, stabbing and dragging Green; He was left without treatment for about nine minutes. Soldiers initially told Green’s family that he had died after being struck by a tree.

Eugene Collins, president of the NAACP Baton Rouge sector, said the following: “He tried to give transparency which he felt the organization was not giving. This man stood up for the soldiers and what exactly. It takes us a few steps back. ”

“It’s not my oath that I’ve seen my colleagues kill blacks,” Cavalier said.

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