Bo Wa says he is the best performer on the Millennium Journey: “I discovered this whole wave.”

Wow, Chile! Wow bow Went live at dawn, and had a lot to say about it # The Millennium Tour. Claiming to be the best performer on The Millennium Tour, he set the record straight.

Expressing his frustration with the tour, Bo Wa asked, “Who is the best performer on The Millennium Tour?” He continued, “I know what I read.”

He further asked, “Who? WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO? You’ve all seen LA, you’ve seen Detroit. You’ve all seen Baltimore. WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?”

Continuing to talk about the tour, “I don’t bother anyone,” he added. “Me and Lloyd, my n *** a. Ashanti, my sister. Pretty Ricky, my dogs. Sammy, that’s my brother. Solja boy, you already know it’s my dog. Oh, my brother. What I do is Showing and playing my part. If I get the most cheers, I can’t help it. I can’t help it … Go to work! Go to work! “

Bo Wao added, “I discovered this ** t. N *** As you all love and like, they are open to me. I started this wave, ”when the tour was mentioned.

He said he was barred from using “The Millennium Tour” on his flyer for later teams. Bo Wao complained that he could not “wear black” or “jig jag” on his hair. Bo Wao said he was told he “can’t eat fish.”

Some people commented, “Well who didn’t see it coming?” Another added, “It’s too early.” Someone else added, “Nah don’t be surprised when we wake up and are no longer part of the tour.”

Millennium Travel still has several shows this year, New Orleans, London, Miami and more.

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Chile, what do you all think?

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