Bo Wa tries to connect with Angela Simmons and Erica Mena with access to social media

Bo Wao was really active on social media on Thursday, publicly texting some of his famous ex.

Bow Wow had several celebrity dating lists, including Ciara and Joie Chavis.

Her on-off relationship with Angela Simmons has also been documented since the two grew up together in the music industry.

Bow Wow surprised fans when he boldly finally asked Angela what their status was as an item on Thursday, asking her directly on Twitter.

“I’m Angela Simmons [I’m] I will not play anymore. Wasap? What are we doing? Bow Wow tweeted with courage.

Although Angela did not respond publicly, the roommates certainly did.

“He was thinking of doing MFCNN that night,” said a roommate.

“She’s shaking and embarrassed at the same time,” another wrote.

After Bo Wao shoots his shot at Angela, he switches gears and turns his attention to his ex-fianc Erica Mena.

As documented on TV and social media, Erica is going through a difficult divorce at the moment from her estranged husband Safari after the birth of their second child.

After the release of a video of Erica getting emotional while live with friends, it seems Bo Wow wanted to show Erica some support during her difficult times.

Bo Wah took to his Instagram story where he wrote a message for Erica.

“Erica keep your head up,” he said.

Speaking of exes, Bow Wow finally addresses her feelings about her exes running with other famous rappers.

If you all need a refresher, the mother of Joe Chavis, daughter of Bo Y, was recently seen in a bed with DD in Italy. You can read all about him here.

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