Boston Mayor Kim Jenny has reportedly signed an executive order for Indigenous Day

Updating the holiday calendar of Boston, Massachusetts. Acting Mayor Kim Janey Indigenous Peoples Day has signed an executive order to replace Columbus Day. The order took effect immediately, the last city to officially accept Boston as a holiday.

According to Boston NBC10, The replacement of the holiday is to recognize and celebrate the Massachusetts tribe, who lived in the present area of ​​Boston before the arrival of the colonists. They mention the nearby Wampanoag and Nipmuc tribes.

Jenny signed the order on Wednesday (Oct. October).

“Indigenous Day is being celebrated to replace the generational colonial myth with the true history of the land on which our nation was founded,” Jenny said.

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Columbus Day is a celebrated state holiday and at the moment, it is not clear whether the day will be recognized that way. “I encourage the celebration of Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day, reflecting the expulsion of the Massachusetts tribe.”

As far as the calendar for the city goes, it will refer to the second Monday in October as Indigenous Day.

Members of the Massachusetts Tribe, the United American Indians in New England and the North American Indian Center in Boston were involved in signing the order on Wednesday.

Oct. October, President Biden makes the country’s first declaration to honor October 11 as Indigenous Day.

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