Brad Pitt’s appeal in custody war with Angelina Jolie has been rejected

Update: The California Supreme Court has denied the allegations Brad PittIts petition and stay order on Wednesday, October 26, according to court documents. News. The case is closed at the appellate stage.

Angelina Jolie She is thus placed in full-time custody and has the right to visit her ex-husband.

E! News reached Pete’s lawyer and Jolie’s representative for comment.


It goes on and on Angelina Jolie And Brad PittIts a heated custody case.

Pete made a win in May when he was temporarily placed in the joint custody of their five minor children. However, the order came from the judge John Oderkirk, Who performed the couple’s wedding seven years ago.

This led Jolie to try to overturn the judge’s verdict. In July, an appeals court in California granted his request to disqualify the judge. According to his legal team, Oderkirk “failed to disclose multiple ongoing professional, business and financial relationships with Pete’s counsel and their law firms during the course of the matter.”

Jolie, for example, kept their children in full-time custody while retaining the right to visit Pete.

Then Moneyball The actor is now responding to the court, appealing to the California Supreme Court to review the case, which e! News received on September 1.

“The Court of Appeal has effectively raised the constitutionally sanctioned temporary justice system in California and created widespread confusion, uncertainty and instability for judges, litigants and the California justice system as a whole,” it said.

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