BREAKING NEWS: And Kelly has been convicted in all cases of sex trafficking News

The verdict is: R&B icon And. Kelly Brooklyn jury convicted of sex trafficking.

According to CBS News, Kelly was convicted of nine counts of rape and sexual trafficking in a high-profile case, including several hours of graphic testimony about the singer’s allegations and her behavior from eyewitnesses. The verdict was announced on Monday (September 2).

Wearing a blue suit, white mask, and carrying a folio-type folder while walking, Kelly’s behavior in court was defeated throughout the day on Monday because he curled up before he could sit up straight when the verdict was announced, CBS NewsNathalie Nives Report

As a judge Ann Donnelly Asked to bring the jury, Kelly was completely still, seemed calm even after reading the verdict with his eyes closed at times and was not disturbed. Nives reported that Kelly was paralyzed throughout the process.

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The verdict comes just four days after the prosecution and defense presented their final arguments. A federal court in Brooklyn has indicted R. Kelly on charges of rape, including sexual exploitation of children, abduction, forced labor and violations of the Standards Act, including rape and trafficking of women and girls in interstate trafficking.

What is racketeering?

Under U.S. Code, fraud – a charge that is often associated with organized crime – refers to any act or threat, including bribery, extortion, or dealing with pornography conducted in a coordinated illegal manner. According to New York TimesAnd in Kelly’s case, prosecutors said the singer and her “inner circle” had been recruiting girls and young women for more than two decades and for sexual exploitation and pornography in multiple states.

Seven men and five women were selected as judges for the trial, which began on Wednesday, August 18th. The jury’s ethnic makeup was not disclosed.

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The prosecution’s case took 1 day, as they brought 5 witnesses, and the defense took two days, starting Monday, September 20, with a total of five witnesses.

The singer did not testify during his own trial.

This story is still evolving …

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