Breaking up is a difficult task

Sometimes you windshield; Sometimes you bug. This bit of philosophical knowledge was given to me a long time ago by a man whose name I don’t remember, or I can’t even remember the breakup. I suspect that in this case, I was the windshield.

In fact, sometimes it feels like a romantic breakup thrown on the ballast overboard so your ship can sail, baby, sail. And sometimes, breakups pierce the heart and injure the soul forever. This is the thing of poets and lyricists – “Look ya” and “CO” and “so long” lost love. Or maybe you didn’t appreciate it until they walked out that door. Now you are sorry. So classic.

Breakup songs have always been about important things like love wins, then love is gone. Sometimes breakups are anxious and sometimes they are full-on crazy, and on some occasions they are reciprocal and this is a rare win-win. Don’t dismiss the issue as a clich কারণ because it’s not – if it breaks up with you.

Here are the top 10 breakup songs from then and now, because break up is timeless.

1. “It’s the End” – Roy Orbison

Elvis Presley called Orbison “the greatest singer in the world.” Orbison wrote “Only the Lonely” for Presley, but then went on to record it himself, singing in his trademark three-octave range, which Elvis calls the “perfect voice.” After a long musical break, he joined Traveling Wilburis – probably the most exclusive VIP “boy” band out there.

2. “Wild World” – Cat Stevens

Stevens turned down a lot of commercial success and changed his name after converting to Islam. “Wild World” appeared on his highly successful album Tea for Tillerman, And he says of the song, originally written after the end of a two-year relationship, “I’m basically talking about myself in it.” Now known as Joseph / Kat Stevens, he was recently released Tea for Tillerman 2 And will be touring with son Yoriyos and their band.

3. “Hey, there’s no way to say goodbye” – Leonard Cohen

Like other songs written for Marianne Ehlen, for example, “So Long Marian,” Cohen knew how to say goodbye and write about it with this poetic song. He left their beautiful life at Hydra and moved on to growing fame.

4. “I came to tell you I am going [I Came to Tell You That I’m Leaving]”- Serge Gainsbourg

Gainsbourg is a favorite of the French (and the rest of the Francophil world), and in this classic song, some of the lyrics are inspired by the great French poet Verlaine. The words prove the disadvantages of a long farewell and because it is in French, saying good, good-bye also sounds sexy.

5. “I’ll Survive” – ​​Gloria Gainer

This disco-era music makes a person stand taller and feel stronger – and maybe even feel like a good dancer! In the early days of women’s empowerment, the lyrics of the song rearrange the breakup to make women – or anyone else – the winners of heartbreaking games. The song packed the dance floor, and still does, like no other.

6. “By the time I got to Phoenix” – Glenn Campbell

Glenn Campbell sings Jimmy Webb’s tune, Campbell’s album of the same name won the first Grammy Award for a country music album. The inspiration for the song came from Webb’s girlfriend leaving him and marrying someone else. When Webb himself sang the song as a lively lyric, it proved his worth as one of the most talented musicians of his time. (And Isaac Hayes probably did the most vivid version.)

7. “The Shadow of Your Laughter” – Johnny Mandel and Paul Francis Webster

A gentle intentional method for breakup, lyricist Paul Francis wrote the song for the film Webster. Sandpiper. It was awarded a Grammy and an Oscar. Among the many artists covering “Shadow of Your Laughter”, Sarah Vaughan did a heart-wrenching smooth and primitive version.

8. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” – Miranda Lambert

I once had a friend who was almost fetish to call me a “crazy kid.” She was equally amazed and frightened of them, as if they were merely terrifying goddesses playing with mortals. Maybe they were. An enthusiastic call to play the tune of Lambert’s vengeance and to be very proud of it.

9. “Lost on You” – LP

After years of writing songs for acclaimed artists such as Celine Dion and Rihanna, Laura Pergolizi or LP, she found herself in the limelight with a breakout hit that topped the European charts. His deep musical talent and charismatic presence on stage have led to pursuit here and abroad.

10. “Driver’s License” – Olivia Rodrigo

Distributed in a distinctly female voice, the song speaks of a song that describes the remaining effects of separation, such as driving around the ex and imagining that they are still together. The song broke the Spotify streaming record twice and was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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