Britney Spears reportedly sent a ceasefire letter to Jamie Lynn Spears

Wow! Britney Spears is not leaving her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears. According to USA Today, Brittany sent a ceasefire letter to Jamie on Monday. The date marked the day before the release of Jamie’s new memoir Things I would have said. However, the news of the letter started spreading from Wednesday. Brittany and her lawyer Matthew Rosengart did not shy away from simple documents.

Off-end Disaster Letters

“We write with some hesitation because the last thing Britney wants is to pay more attention to your untimely book and her misleading or offensive claims about it,” the letter said. “Although Brittany did not read your book and did not want to read it, she and millions of her fans were shocked to see how you exploited her for financial gain. He will not tolerate it, nor should he. “

The letter also quoted Jamie’s “destructive” description of their father. It further states that Jamie knows about the “abuse and injustice” Britney endured from her father. As previously reported, Jamie Lynn gave an exclusive interview on ‘Good Morning America’ about the contents of his book and his relationship with his sister.

Social media exchange

After the appearance, the two sisters addressed each other on social media with long posts. In a statement last week, Jamie said his book was not about Brittany after his sister’s posts complained the opposite. On Tuesday, Brittany went viral that her Jamie and their mother should have been slapped in the face.

The letter said, “As I said before, after enduring 13 years of protectionism which deprived her of her civil rights and fundamental freedoms, Britney will no longer be harassed by her father or anyone else,” the letter said. “Britney was a family earner and she would have supported you otherwise. It is wrong to spread false or fabricated allegations in public, especially when the book is designed for sale. “

Matthew added that Jamie had no excuse for talking about Britney in this “potentially illegal and defamatory way”.

The letter demanded that Jamie “stop” and refrain from insulting Brittany. [her] If Jamie continues to tell these so-called vault stories, Britney will be “forced to consider and take all appropriate legal action.”

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