Brittany Rainer responded on social media

When people on social media talk about Brittany Rainer, they are not far behind. For better or worse, he remains the subject of online discussions. Many will say that it attracts the attention of young people because of his humor. Although Brittany doesn’t care what anyone says about her, she shared a long video last night getting some things out of her chest. Influential and the mother addressed the feedback she received online and was very clear about her views on people’s unwillingness.

Brittany started telling people that she had a few The screw is loose, which leads him to explain how unpredictable and unforgivable he is. Brittany explained that she was fragile but not like a flower. Instead, he compared himself to a bomb and as dangerous as Mother Nature. “When I start to choose courage over comfort, I lose my mind. I lose my mind when I start making choices. The mother continues to share with the audience that she has no desire to be normal. “If you’re with Google, what does it mean to be normal, to be compliant? If someone tells me right now, you’re either compatible with everyone else, or you’re dead,” he said. “Sweetie, I’m going to voluntarily jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.” “Because I don’t want to fit in with people who don’t even know who they are.”

Mississippi residents continue to talk about what they read about themselves online and how they tickle him. He called the commenters and asked them, “Did you get the best of it? The lower you go the less because I can go down. No one has ever judged me more harshly than I have judged myself. It’s light work. ”

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