California officials have distributed at least $ 20 billion in fraud claims

Wow! Roommates during the COVID-19 epidemic, many people have found creative ways to earn an income. Some have started new businesses, some have pushed and others are leaning towards cheating to maintain their livelihoods and flex online. Although several states have been affected by fraudulent unemployment claims and distributed large sums of money to individuals claiming to be in need, the state of California seems to have been hit hard.

According to the LA Times, the CA paid criminals at least 20 20 billion in the form of fraudulent unemployment benefits, state officials said yesterday. Although the number initially confirmed a smaller amount than estimated, it still accounts for more than 11% of all benefits provided since the epidemic began last year.

CA state officials have blamed Congress for expanding unemployment benefits for almost all of the fraud. As a result of this expansion, self-employed persons can receive weekly checks from the government and bar people who are not eligible.

Fraud in the CA has become so widespread that state officials have at least approved it $ 810 million facility In the name of the people in prison. Dozens of notorious murderers are on death row. State officials also sent Benefit $ 21,000 U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Caliph) at an address in Roseville under the name and Social Security number. This allows someone to access মোট 2 million in total fraudulent payments.

CA is not a state that deals with the consequences of fraud Unfortunately, unemployment agencies across the country have approved at least $ 87 billion in fraudulent payments by various states, according to a June Report From the Office of the Inspector General in the US Department of Labor.

Inside Arizona alone, State officials say the fraudsters pocketed about 30% of all his unemployment benefits. Rumiz, you all know CA Governor Gavin News doesn’t play when it comes to his state. The report said the administration of Government News wanted to reassure state lawmakers that the fraud pipeline in California had been shut down. Rita Senge, director of the Employment Development Department (EDD), said the state has implemented new identity verification software and other preventive measures, which have helped stop an estimated $ 120 billion fraud effort.

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