Cardi B is not guilty of steaming from the 2018 strip club quarrel

Cardi B maintains his innocence over his alleged involvement in a strip club fight back in 2018.

He is going to court next week for the hearing of the case, after refusing to compromise on the plea of ​​the accused. According to Yahoo Life, he was convicted in court in 2019, two counts of attempted criminal assault and reckless endangerment after being convicted in 12 cases.

He is accused of assaulting Watley’s sister (Buddy G and Texashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Z), who was bartending at the Flushing Strip Club in Queens at the time of the incident. The sisters claim that Cardi and two of his close associates threw glass bottles and drinks at them during the alleged murder.

If convicted, Cardi and his friends could face up to four years in prison.

According to court documents, Cardi B planned the attack with two of his friends যাদের identified as Tawana Jackson-Morel and Jeffrey Bush সামাজিক via social media. There the trio gave a date, time and location for the attack on the sisters.

One sister even claimed that she was hit in the head during a fight. There are rumors that Cardi allegedly organized a fight for revenge against one sister for allegedly sleeping with an offset at the time, although this has not been confirmed.

Earlier this year, Cardi expressed his desire to spend his days in court, saying, “I can’t wait until s ** t is over so I can say my ** s equal. Madarf *** I really ran with Nikkas [to] Touch b *** hes s ** t for too long.

We will post you an update.

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