Cardi B offers Kal Penn’s wedding to his partner

Cardi B has apparently joined Kal Penn’s wedding list, but not as a regular guest! The rap star jokingly offers to perform the duties of tomorrow’s wedding and the actor is here for it. The healthy interaction took place just days after receiving extensive media coverage of her engagement.


Kal presented a relationship update in his new book “You Can’t Be Serious”. She writes in detail about the beginnings of her and her fianc Josh. The engaged couple decided to take this next step after spending 11 years together.

Although his partner is “fairly quiet”, Kal describes himself as “very open with everyone” [he’s] Communicate with personally. Despite this parting nature, Cardi dropped the ball on the chance to meet B. However, he used his moment to reach out to the artist using Twitter.

“Cardi B was on my LA flight,” Kal tweeted. “I fell asleep and had a dream that he had performed our wedding at that place and the three of us came out of LAX holding hands.”

Cardi makes an offer

A few hours later, Cardi B caught the air of tomorrow’s tweet. He gave the comedian a chance to be bound by cardi.

“First, why didn’t you say hi,” Cardi replied. “Second, I’m licensed to do so … let me know.”

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! As you may already know, Cardi was certified for marriage during her Facebook watch series ‘Cardi Trice’.

Kal responded by confirming Cardic’s willingness to attend her wedding.

“You’re the best. I was going to say hi but didn’t want to be disrespected (your Don’t Disturb the light was on),” Kal replied. “But holy shot let’s do it!

In response, he tells her he’s “down” saying “I’ll bring my suit.”

Roommates, will you come here to marry Cal to her love Cardi B as the leader of the union? Guess, we’ll have to wait and see!

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