Cardi B’s dancehall birthday bash was to relax the celebrities on the dance floor

If you live in the Caribbean or specialize in culture, you know that a bashment means everyone is hitting the dance floor at some point. Cardi B’s recent dancehall-themed party was no exception. Like a true Caribbean empress, the 29th rapper around the sun celebrated her 29th voyage. And it’s safe to say that the celebrities in attendance felt the force in the air because the dancing didn’t stop!

Cardi spiced up to bring the truth of a Caribbean function to the party. The dancehall artist went to Instagram on Tuesday morning to remind Cardi and thank him for bringing her out.

Happy Birthday am iCardib you couldn’t have a dancehall party without the Queen of Dancehall, ”Spice wrote on Instagram. “Your party was a blood movie. Thank you for hiring me to perform for you and yes just that you handled this very professional and spent your good single money flying on my whole crew.”

Spice did exactly what it was supposed to do. He has arranged a few stage moments that are now viral, but you have to read to see them!

Cardi b.

Cardi came out in a black and gold dress and resembled her WAP music video. In conventional clips, she is both alone and her husband offset with her claps and shaking. He was at the top of his night receiving a great offset gift – a great building in the Dominican Republic.

Ella Mai

Sweet Ella Mai surprised people online when she heard a video of her crying. The R&B vocalist worked on her waistband because she had mesmerized someone’s unfamiliar boy at the party. Our daughter knocked on her Jamaican roots as well as her knees and then brought her hands to the floor.


One thing that Normany is not afraid of is taking action. If she was able to inspire a mini twark session at Paris Fashion Week, why not take a moment at a dancehall party? He removed his hips before he could get off the floor in isolation and end up with a few floor humps.

Megan Thi Stallion

Now, we all know that Megan got that titanium knee that gwrolz is begging for! He made sure to bring them out like them and Spice, raised their cheeks on stage and blew them away!

Tiana Taylor

Listen, Teyana must have attended a lot of dancehall festivals during her time. He fully understood when the guest leaned towards the dance while he was riding on the back of another group of guests. He also tested that waist line when the guest claps went to work under him!


And last but not least is definitely Quavo. Unlike women, she played the same role as Ella Mai’s mystery man. Even after Spice forcibly moved to the middle of the stage, Kovavo leaned against a structure as one of Spice’s dancers shared a true Jamaican dancehall experience on him.

The dancer jumps over Koavo and wraps her legs around him before giving him some strong humps. Then, she jumps up and gives him some more half-split humps when the shadows of his ice stick to his head for a favorite life!

Wow! Now it’s a bashment done correctly. Watch all the clips below:

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