Casey Musgraves has reacted to the Grammy debate over Star-Crossed

In a letter received by DiversityHowever, Mabe argued that, Star-crossed Got “more native instruments” than Musgraves ’2018 album Golden Hour, Which won the album of the year and the best country album, and many of the same people have worked and made both albums.

“Both albums complement each other Golden Hour Telling stories of falling in love and Star-crossed The end of the breakup says, “The letter was read.” There is no exit in words from these two projects. “

According to the note, Maybe “emphasized the importance of Casey Musgraves for country music and why this decision was so much more than an entry point for an award show.” He then noted that currently women “make up only 10 percent of all countries’ airplanes.”

At one point in the letter, Mabe demanded a decision on the matter Star-crossed “This calls into question other agendas that were part of the decision.”

“It takes us through the process,” the letter continues. “A handful of people, including competitors, who would benefit from not being part of Cassie’s country, are deciding what the country is just exacerbating the problem. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It’s a dangerous thing to do. It’s a dangerous thing to do.

E! News has reached the recording academy, representatives of Musgraves and Universal Music Group Nashville but have not yet heard.

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