Cedric The Entertainer MP Anapolitic Monologue as Awards Host

Cedric the Entertainer Served as the host of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, providing an unpublished Black Seventy. The original king of comedy The star described the organization of the event as “a big deal” that “brings a lot of stress because of being black.”

He joked that his friends believed that his role allowed him to reward someone he liked. “Black people are, give Martin Lawrence and Shannon an Emmy.”

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Putting the comedy aside for a short time, the comedian noted that a lot of black actors were nominated, especially Anthony Anderson Who was nominated for the 11th Emmy. But he mentioned that Black-ish The star was against Michael Douglas And Ted Lasso They Jason Sudekis.

“It’s still hard for a broker here,” he joked, agreeing to Anderson’s role in the film. Haste and flow.

Cedric began his hosting career in honor of the late hip-hop icon Biz Markey.

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To the tune of “Just a Friend,” Cedric lamented why he likes television, even giving his mic to other celebrities who have expressed their love for TV.

“Do you know why I wanted to host Amy?” Cedric asked before his rap debut. “It gives me a chance to thank TV for what it means to me.”

Her favorite memory of watching TV as a child was “sitting down with my grandmother and watching our favorite show together.”

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