Celebrities have defended Tory Hart’s ex-husband Kevin Hart’s last name

Your heart And Kevin Hart They divorced in 2011, but Tory has no plans to leave her ex-husband’s last name.

“It’s something people always ask me, and I’m like: This is my name – cut it out!” Torrey told Toofab.com on October 12 when he left LOX.

“They always have something to say, but I’ll be heartbroken until I decide not to. And that’s exactly what, ”Torei, his own comedian, continued.

Torei defended his decision: “‘Because it’s mine, first.’

“Second, because Kevin never wanted it back – he doesn’t want it [me] To give it back, he’s not Tripin, ”she said,“ and thirdly: my kids don’t want me to change my name. “

Tory Hart and Kevin 200 married in 2003 and finalized their divorce in 2011. They have two children together, a son Hendrix, 14, and a 16-year-old girl Heaven.

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Hart has no career advantage in having a last name “because you may have a name, but what good is a name if you don’t do it?”

Torei said he “rushes together every day” to get a chance to advance in his career. “I’m network, I’m training, I said the word – like ‘yo’, this project seems like it’s right for me. ‘ As such, I’m in a hurry, ”the actress and producer added.

Moreover, Torrey believes that Kevin has some owl in his comic routine to continue using him as a punchline.

“So I’m still part of your life – plug my stuff!” He said. “America: Tell him I told you to plug in my stuff. You all spam his page and tell him: ‘Plug in Torrey’s stuff.”

He said his ex deserved a big gift, which he promised during his Netflix special. “Zero F ** KS has been given.

“Yeah Kevin! You know what time it is – plug in my projects! I’m coming for you, because you never gave me my Tesla (truck)!” He joked.

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