Celebrity News denies claim about Kim Kardashian’s Attorney Walk 100 denied sex tape

Chile! I know Kim Kardashian will not sit quietly when someone tries to throw salt in her name. His lawyer, Marty Singer, spoke on his behalf about Wack 100’s claims about another sex tape with him and Ray J. As we recently reported, Wack, Ray’s former manager, made the alleged claim in a bootleg cave podcast a few days ago.

Marty did not feel a negative attitude towards his client and said that Walk was desperate for attention and was simply trolling Kim and Kanye West, according to TMZ Marty, “The claim that there is an unpublished sex tape is clearly false. When it comes to fame, many have revealed online that if it weren’t for the original tapes on the net in 2002, Kim and her sisters wouldn’t have the careers they have today.

Since the tape was released, the Kardashian-Jenner family has reached a level of success that people think could happen. They had a television show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which lasted until the twentieth century, and other influential events keep them in the spotlight today. Although this sex tape drama is not new, Kim’s team is not the only one talking about it. As we shared earlier, Ray was annoyed by the demands of the JEO Walk.

The singer, entrepreneur and reality TV star commented on the DJ Academics page about the allegations, noting that he is a parent and that this is not the kind of message he wants to send. “It’s not cold. I will stay away from the radar. Just concentrate and be polite and thank you for all the lessons I am taking. If these kinds of things happen, how can I show growth and maturity?

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