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The feud between Gehana Vashisht and Charlene Chopra does not seem to be over any time soon. When Shilpa Sethi’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra, was arrested on charges of making and distributing pornography, the two started publicizing their dirty clothes. Gehana Basishtha was also arrested in the same case and she came up strongly against Charlene Chopra for dragging Shilpa Sethi.

“She has nothing else to do and is only doing it to keep herself informed. Also, Charlene dragged this stunt so she didn’t come across as accused of creating daring content. But now he is starting to get personal with Shilpa Sethi, who is not paying any attention to his speech. Shilpa doesn’t think it’s important to file a defamation suit against her, ”Gehana told a leading daily.

Charlene Chopra

The actress further said that Charlene Chopra should worship Raj Kundra and because of that she has earned a lot of money. “It’s for whatever it is today,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. He also knows that whenever he speaks against Raj Kundra, he will get attention and that is what he is doing. After Raj Kundra came out of jail, he probably thought that people had forgotten him, so he started attacking Shilpa Sethi. Fortunately, Charlene doesn’t exist for Shilpa, “Gehana said, adding that it was Charlene who drew Raj Kundra to create bold content.

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