Check out Meghan McCain’s shady reaction to The View’s cowardly defeat

A second source close to the production added that Houston is “doing great” and feeling “good”. She had additional tests today, and they came back negative. “It’s possible that a lie was positive, but they still don’t know,” the second insider said. “They need to be tested over the weekend to find out.”

As for Behar, the first source said he was “very concerned about how this whole situation unfolded.”

Fans also seem uncomfortable with McCain’s thoughts on defeat.

“Your dad won’t be proud right now,” one user wrote, urging John McCainAnother named it said, “I think you’d be a little more sympathetic to Sunny and her husband thinking about losing their parents because of Kovid, and they’re taking every precaution against those who aren’t waxed.”

In January, Houston shared the unfortunate news that her husband, Emanuel HoustonOf course, the parents died on the holiday due to Kovid-1 of.

He told the audience, “They were both doctors and they were very careful. They didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with us because we all decided it wasn’t safe. And even after a lot of contact tracing we don’t know how they got infected with the virus.”

McCain came out of the show about three months ago, at which point he said, “I came to tell you all about my wonderful co-host and the audience at home that this will be my last season. Scene. “It wasn’t an easy decision … he said … it took a lot of thought and advice and prayer and talking to my family and my close friends. “

The new mother said she would stay in Washington DC

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