Checkmate! Christian Keys, creator of ‘All the Queen’s Men’, has jokingly invited several sexy celebrities to Club Eden

Checkmate! Because BET + has a new show that brings you ideas and sex that you’ve never seen before.

Based on Christian Kies‘Books Women’s night, All the Queen’s Men Filled with money, power, honor, and foreign male dancers. Acting Eva Marcel, Who plays Marilyn ‘Madame’ Devil, ‘a powerful woman who does everything about her business, the drama series follows her at the top of her playing career in the nightclub industry at Club Eden.

Kies is also the producer, executive producer and co-star of the show. All the Queen’s Men One of the first shows in the Scripted Development section of Tyler Perry Studios.

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ATQM It’s been in the making for over 10 years, and Keys sat down with BET.com to explain why he created his character on the show, worked at Tyler Perry Studios, and who he would personally invite to Club Eden in his private life.

BET.com: Christian, you play The Concerts in the new BET + series, All the Queen’s Men, Which is based on your book Women’s night. How does it feel to see the story come to life?

Christian Kiss: It really feels amazing after working for a long time and not much and after getting a lot of maybes and getting a few options. [Now] Get it back and we’re finally working in Atlanta, where [the show] Staying at TPS [Tyler Perry Studios] And BET + and get it done right. Talent connected, music connected, studio connected and getting people feel incredible.

BET.com: You’re one of the producers of the series, right?

CK: Yes, I am the creator and one of its executive producers. And I also get to play Doorman, which is fun. He is a funny character. I like him. I’m excited to see where we take him.

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BET.com: He has this secret on the doorstep that people have some edge on. Why was it important to include such a character?

CK: Because basically I was going to play something as safe as Madame’s attorney, or maybe a consultant like a half-home supervisor, and you know Tyler. [Perry] He has done what he does. He said, ‘Really? Do not play the same role. ‘He didn’t say anything else, like, oh man, okay.

So it was kind of a challenge, it was a verbal challenge Hey, you know, have some fun. So I created the broker. I thought it would be fun to meet someone with Madame, so you don’t know if she’s a friend or an enemy. You don’t know if he’s an ally or an enemy and you know and we’ll open them all up.

But [Madam] Such a strong, unpredictable female character that you need someone who is as bright and polished as her, but just as potentially dangerous, and we don’t know the dangers she brings, so I’m excited about it.

BET.com: As the producer of the series, what was it like working with Tyler Perry?

CK: It was so good! Purpose, not it Tyler Perry’s All the Queen’s Men … It’s All the Queen’s Men, And I appreciate that he did it because he didn’t want to take credit for what he’s been working on for 11 years. It is All the Queen’s Men, And it was made by Tyler Perry Studios. He often lets us shoot it, and he does whatever adjustments he makes, but that means a lot. He’s got a lot of great shows and movies under his umbrella and it feels good to get credit for what I’m doing.

I’ve probably gotten four or 5000 hours in this rewrite, and it feels so good to have the credit for creating something like this and it’s definitely a team win. I admire the way he handled everything and I am excited to see where it goes.

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BET.com: You have a great relationship with your teenage son and being a parent is very important to you. Have you had any conversations with your son about money, power and respect?

CK: We speak frankly; This is my man. I’ve been talking openly or frankly for the last three or four years, so she can understand it so we can take our relationship to the area where she thinks she can talk to me about anything. I doubt he will see All the Queen’s Men; But he’s on the moon.

I am so excited that she is feeling my joy in this area of ​​my life, and I am experiencing her. He just dropped an EP. She sings. She has a great voice, so we can celebrate each other’s victories right now.

BET.com: It’s amazing! There will be one All the Queen’s Men A soundtrack featuring one of his songs?

CK: I’m going to work on it now. Dad is trying to see what he can do!

BET.com: If you come to Club Eden to hire three of your Hollywood friends, who will rent the venue? Or who will receive a personal invitation to be in the audience?

CK: I would bring Rihanna. I think he will have a good time in Eden. I think he will have a wonderful time in Eden. I worked with Kerry [Hilson] A few times, and she’s super dope. She unexpectedly feminine and enjoys her femininity. And finally, let me see … Kim Whitley will have a ball in Eden. I think he would be a complete blast.

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