Chloe Bailey Address Deleting Lollipop Licking Video

You know, Chloe Bailey doesn’t mind talking about the things she posts on social media. Whether it’s a show of strength of voice, a prelude to a new song, or a thirsty trap post, Chloe is going to say what she has in mind. Charlemagne opened up about a 23-year-old deleted video in a recent episode of Tha God’s show, ‘Tha God’s Honest Truth’, where he licked a lollipop and thanked his followers for their support last month.

While talking to Charlemagne, he asked her, “Does the response to your post affect the lollipop video you deleted?” Chloe replied, “The reason I deleted it is not what people are saying. I just didn’t want people to go to my page and see it. Whatever the social media. “Chloe continues to explain that she thinks it’s great that people can find themselves, and she’s finding herself now, and finding out what her best work is.” I’m just doing it under a microscope. When you can do it without seeing everyone, “says the ‘Have Mercy’ singer.

Chloe isn’t lying about her every move she shares online under a microscope. If you haven’t seen the infamous Lollipop video in the last month, check out a sneak peek below Chloe has trended in the seductive video again. As we reported earlier, while lying on her bed, wearing a black silk dress with white underwear underneath, Chloe glared at the camera while sucking a lollipop before sharing a special message for her fans.

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