Chloe Bailey says she didn’t plan to lick the mic during her VMA performance

Earlier this year, Chloe Bailey undoubtedly put social media in the chokehold. When Haley Bailey filmed Disney’s live-action “The Little Mermaid” in Europe, Chloe became her own. In addition to some adjustments to her social media presence, Chloe has announced an upcoming solo album and debut at MTV’s 2021 Video Music Awards. About a week ago, Chloe got up on stage and snatched the soul with her notes, dance moves and indifferent energy.

Now, the multi-talented star has revealed how deeply he “concentrated” during his first public performance.

Chloe tweeted Friday, “I swear I didn’t know I licked Mike Till after I saw the performance.”

For those of you who missed it, Chloe was on the VMAs stage for about four minutes. Dressed in a hot pink body suit and boots, Chloe hangs up as she drowns, shakes, bends, bounces and walks across the stage in both female and male dancers. Didn’t miss a beat or note.

Towards the end of the performance, Chloe threw herself on the stage floor. While still singing, he rolled over on his stomach from behind and gave the floor a few dry hugs. Then, he stared and licked his mic completely while the network camera zoomed in on his face.

Check out the two-second moment for yourself:

As discussed earlier, the news of Chloe’s single career failed to predict Grand Splash. Leaving Haley aside, Chloe has brought a big and sexy reformation to her Instagram posts, which include crooked-loving outfits and remixes of cool songs.

She even went viral with a solo performance, such as the performance of Nina Simon’s song “Bhalo Laga” on ABC’s Juntinth Special. Between social media changes and single bookings, fans were already beginning to guess what Chloe confirmed later.

Chloe told Billboard in an August interview, “My sister went to London for her film for seven or eight months, and it was very difficult without her.” “That’s when I started creating my project. I’ve got my confidence – like, ‘OK, you can do it now.’ I always have the support of my sister, and she will always be with me, no matter what we do together or in person. “

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