Chris Brown and Drake sue for copyright infringement for their hit record ‘No Guidance’

There is no doubt that Chris Brown and Drake’s hit single “No Guidance” was one of the most popular songs back in 2019. However, now an artist and producer is suing them claiming that they tore up their songs.

In documents obtained by TMZ, An artist named Mr. Cooper and a producer named Timothy Valentine are claiming that Briggs and Drizzy tore up their “I Love Your Dress” song. In the lawsuit, they say they dropped their record three years before “No Guidance” and claimed that “beats, lyrics, hooks and rhythmic structures” were copied from their songs.

They even point out that “no instructions”, Chris and Drake repeatedly sang “You got it, girl; you got it,” when Mr. Cooper sang “They got it; they got it.” Mr. Cooper and Timothy Valentine are both suing for copyright infringement and damages.

Neither Chris Brown nor Drake responded to claims that their record was inspired by Mr. Cooper’s record.

Chris and Drake’s record has been featured on Chris Brown’s ninth studio album “Indigo” and is already platinum. The official music video for Mr. Cooper’s record was posted on YouTube in May 2019.

We are such Previously It is learned that Chris Brown was hit in July by Red Rat’s 1997 dancehall song “Tight Up Skirt” in his 2017 hit “Privacy” for sampling without permission.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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