Chris Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by former boss

Ross said Kuomo sent him an email about an hour later with the content “Now when I think about it … I’m ashamed.”

“She should have,” Ross continued. “But my question today is the same as before: was he ashamed of what he did, or was my husband ashamed of it? I put you in that position.”

According to the email with which Ross shared New York Times, Kuomo further writes, “Christian Slater Arrested for similar acts (although not like my own, carrying an alleged negative intent). The actor was arrested in 2005 for allegedly grabbing a woman’s ass in the street. New York Times In the article, he was charged with third degree sexual harassment but the charge was later dropped. His preacher Evelyn Karamanos He called the incident a “misunderstanding” in a newspaper comment at the time.

“Mr. Kuomo, a former lawyer, appeared before his brief apology to legally differentiate between the two incidents,” Ross wrote. “He suggested that Mr Slater had negative intentions when he, Mr Cuomo, did not. He felt he had a deep understanding of what accountability could be; we have no clear idea today whether he or CNN is interested. Accountability.” In. “

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