Chris Rock Shades Kiri Irving Calling Anti-Waxers On Comedy Show

Comedy legend Chris Rock had a few words for those waiting to be vaccinated and cast a shadow over the Brooklyn Nets ’Kiri Irving process.

While performing with a few other comedians at an NFT week event while on stage in Brooklyn on Wednesday, Chris Rock took some time off his set to call the anti-waxers, according to TMZ.

“Where’s my anti-waxers?” Chris called out to the crowd after making a masked joke. After some people in the audience cheered in response to his call, Chris Rock referred to them as “You’re Dumb, Kiri Motherfars”!

What makes things even more interesting is that New York City now needs vaccines to take part in indoor shows, so despite the excitement, people there needed to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Chris is not the only person to have shot Kiri Irving for his decision not to be vaccinated যা which has prevented him from playing or practicing with his team due to the strict vaccination order for the city’s inner courtyard.

Radio host Howard Stern recently referred to Kyrie as “the country’s top idiot at the moment” for his position, which cost Kyrie thousands of dollars in wages per miss game.

“In terms of stupidity, he has to be the top fool in the country right now,” Howard Stern said of Kerry. “As a young man the man has the opportunity to earn millions of dollars, all he has to do is get vaccinated but he doesn’t want to be vaccinated.”

Although Kiri has his supporters. Protesters stormed the Barclays Center where Net played in support of Kiri late last month.

The video captures protesters chanting “Let Kiri play.” No arrests have been made in the incident.

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