Chuck DR apologizes after facing response to Kelly’s tweet: “His actions were criminal” Celebrity News

Roommates, it seems Chuck Dee of the public anime group recently changed his mind after his remarks about R. Kelly. Yesterday, we reported that the rapper had expressed his thoughts about Kelly’s conviction in his sexual trafficking and rape case. In a series of tweets that trended him, Chuck compared “The Piped Piper” to the late Rick James and IK Turner. After receiving feedback online, he decided to apologize.

Chuck went back to Twitter where the controversy began to apologize for how his remarks felt. He tweeted, “Just clear, I’m here anymore. I’m not a fan of Kelly.” “75 million sold somewhere and I didn’t get 1 of his songs. And his work was criminal. I apologize if the wings of perception flutter beyond the words of this slave apk. On October 1 I launched My Clarity on my own RsTvapp.com. ”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also released a statement via hip hop DX in which he reiterated, “Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of Kelly here anymore. I didn’t get any of his songs. And his works were rubbish.” Although Chuck apologized. Some users felt that Chuck’s apology was not sincere.

One user compared the apology to Felicia Rashad. If you recall, in June, he apologized to the public after receiving feedback in support of Bill Cosby, when it was announced that his rape sentence had been overturned by the state prosecutor for technical reasons. The user tweeted, “It must sound like you !! You are commenting on Sound Bilkasbi like Sound Felicia Rashad. And Kelly had enough time and resources to get the help he needed to change. So if he needs a long imprisonment, it should Will be !! ”

Roommates, how do you all feel about Chuck’s apology?

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