“Civil” Gigi Hadid and Jain Malik discuss custody in family dispute

Although they are in a talk split, Gigi Hadid And Join the owner Agree on one thing: their daughter’s welfare is a priority.

It was a tumultuous week for the supermodel and singer, who recently broke up almost two years after reviving their romance and more than a year after welcoming their first child together, Eat. News of their breakup came shortly after Jane “steadily” denied hitting Gigi’s mother. Yolanda Hadid, TMZ in a statement. A quote obtained by e! In the news, Yolanda has been charged with harassment for pushing a dresser, “causing mental anguish and physical pain.” He applied no contest.

“It’s an exciting situation,” said a source close to the Hadid family. News. “Gigi and Zayn are separated, but want to be Khai’s co-guardian in a peaceful and healthy environment. They are working on the details of custody. They are contacting Khai and making decisions for him.”

A source close to Gigi detailed what he and Jane were doing behind the scenes. “Both Gigi and Zayn have met with lawyers separately. They both want to make sure they can resolve the custody situation with Khai and both feel entitled to be in his custody,” the source explained to EK! News. “She needs a place. They’re in touch and working on how they will continue to work as co-guardians, but it’s very exciting at the moment. They both want to be the best they can be and try to be citizens.”

Meanwhile, Gigi’s family is “trying to stay out of his way,” said a source close to Hadid’s family, “but feels very defensive and wants the best for him.”

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