CNN’s Ren Marsh calls for change after son dies of pediatric brain cancer

In April, Blake Vince Payne, the 2-year-old son of CNN correspondent Renee Marsh, died of pediatric brain cancer. Marsh is now fighting to promote pediatric cancer and demand more research.

Marsh, 39, Yahoo! Life, “I want all this terrible pain that I am feeling, for something positive to happen so that no other mother can feel it. Because honestly, it’s so bad that you really want to save a stranger from it.

He has now launched the Blake Vince Pain Star Fund to fund the research, “It is raising money with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, which is a non-profit and the money we collect is going to fund the research of this disease from me Blake. “

He also wrote a children’s book entitled Miracle Worker: Son vs. Beast, which will be released in the fall and all proceeds will go to the Blake Vince Pain Star Fund.

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In addition, Marsh launched a petition calling on the Biden administration and Congress to come up with a national plan to end pediatric cancer. The petition was to the Congress on 2 September.

According to Yahoo, Marsh spoke at the Childhood Cancer Conference! Speaking about life, and appeal, he said, “I made it on my first Mother’s Day without Blake. The whole mission behind the petition was to try to keep some documents that people can support, so that you can prove to lawmakers that there is support among the American people to do something about this issue.

Renেনে and her husband Cedric Payne welcome baby Blake on March 1, 2011. By December of that year, he was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. Blake died on April 1, 2121.

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