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By Michael Yanco

When you see yourself driving for three and a half hours to see a band that you only saw a year ago, you must have thought they were something special. Collective Soul is one of those bands, and again they didn’t disappoint.

Collective Spirit in Clearwater Florida

The beautifully restored Vintage Capital Theater in downtown Clearwater is completely sold out. Everyone there seemed to know exactly what to expect, and there was more to it than just standing in line.

Once the performance started I don’t think the total time people sat down was more than ten seconds early in the night. Seeing the band between the other two bands last year was a special treat to see their band perform solo.

The band still has original key members: singer / guitarist / keyboard / lyricist E (Ed) Roland, his brother Dean on guitar and keys, and Will Turpin on bass and backup vocals. Filling the 5-piece lineup is Jesse Triplet on guitar and Johnny Rabb on drums, both of which we saw on previous tours. It was very obvious that these five guys enjoyed the game together and the coordination between them all was remarkable.

The band performed a nineteen-song set, skillfully mixing 5 songs from their upcoming album (Released June 21) With other great songs from their 30 year old music catalog. “Shine” and “Jail” were certainly two highlights of the night, but there wasn’t a single song that didn’t thrill the crowd. The band is very tough and Roland’s high strength, bouncy stage presence captures the crowd from the moment they appear. Flashing peace signs and fist pumps throughout the show, Roland kept it fun and exciting until the last note. When the crowd sang as they came out of the set with fans’ favorite “run”, the band left the stage as Roland played his acoustic guitar and even backstage. Fans were completely satisfied with a memorable night of great music.

Will I drive three and a half hours to see them again? I bet you!

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Michael Yanco and Michelle Wilson of Rock Legends photographers

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