Cough Doll Calls Critics for Shooting Her Piston-Themed Gender Photoshoot

A celebratory moment that was supposed to happen turned sour as critics slammed Cash Doll for revealing his piston-themed sex. The rapper took vivid pictures of her first pregnancy on her Instagram on Thursday. To pay her respects in her hometown of Detroit, Cash Doll wore a custom Detroit piston gown for the shoot. However, by Thursday evening, he began dragging photo critics on Twitter.

“B ***** z didn’t even get a courtside ticket but says I went to the Piston Arena floor to do a photoshoot to reveal my baby boy,” Cash Doll tweeted. “I spent time with the internet.”

Gender Revealed Photos

To backtrack, Cash Doll shared footage of the shooting revealing his gender on ten slides on Instagram.

“While usually I get sad on 11/4 because it’s in my pops bid…. I am full of joy, ”Kash wrote in the caption of the doll post. “God and my pops have blessed me with a son !!! Imma son mother !! I know my father will come into my baby son in many ways.”

She expressed being so “thrilled” that the world “needs a male version” of her (and her male Tracy T.) Kash Doll also shared that the date marked a full circle moment for her. Apparently, just over a year ago, he also received a phone call from 50 cents confirming his role in the ‘Black Mafia Family’ series. He attributed the fate of this day to “how [her] Dad will work. “

In the shared footage, Kash Doll wore a bright gown with a floor-length, spaghetti strap. The outfit features Detroit Piston team colors including blue, red and white as well as their logo. Cough dolls hang in multiple poses, including standing and lying on the team’s home court floor.

Critics began wailing

Well, that’s exactly what posed the criticism. After the initial tweet above, he continued to drag the negative chit-chat.

“Every woman in the class likes it,” Cash Doll wrote. “It’s B ***** Z that bleeds with all opinions through the nose.”

As fans tweeted his cool messages, he made it clear that he was “not crazy”. Instead, he said he “can’t believe” the comment. He added: “You always hate but it’s mind blowing here.”

After a while, Cough Doll deletes some tweets. He apparently ended his clapback with a reminder of his income status.

“Choose someone your own wages,” Cash Doll said. “You can’t argue with me.”

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