Couple Road Trip Tips (and how to finally talk!)

Are you planning a road trip with your partner, spouse or someone else? Worried about what to talk about, how to proceed, or how not to argue?

Dear reader, never be afraid. In this post, I’ll share all our best tips and advice for couples on road trips together এবং and how to talk at the end of it.

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Couples Road Trip Advice- Our Story

Before buying a motorhome and traveling almost fulltime, my husband and I lived on the boat for 15 years.

Some very small boats.

It’s probably an insult to say that we can live together in a small place without killing (or getting divorced) – but I don’t mean to imply that we are one of those magical couples who never argue.

Oh boy, do we argue? Seriously, we are both stubborn, strong-willed Type A personalities who hate to lose and refuse to back down, even when we are fairly sure we are doing wrong.

So how do we survive 19 years and count?

Mr. WB and I when we are not stubborn

Couples Road Trip – Tips for getting your partner on board …

Before we get started, it will be much smoother if both you and your partner are on the same page. Now, it is clear that you are the wisest one in the relationship. After all, you are reading this post. So you don’t have to change anything. Perfect as you are.

But your partner. Oh, they have a lot to learn. Feel free to share this article with them or print a copy of this post and throw it away effortlessly.

Or it is the main thing in their foreheads. It works anyway.

Couples Road Trip – Avoid ‘Big 3’ fights

In our experience, the biggest fights during travel are for the following reasons:

  • Money
  • Storage space
  • Feeling lost / out of control

So, let’s start with them.

Road trip checklist

Set a budget for your couple’s road trips

Like it or hate it, you need to talk to your partner about money. It is essential that you both stay on the same page before your trip even starts.

Here are some questions to ask your partner when planning a trip:

  • Where do you want to stay? (Ex: campsite / hotel / wild camping / with friends or family)
  • Do you want to take a fast route (which often has tolls) or a slow but beautiful route?
  • How long do you want to go / How far do you want to travel (fuel costs!)
  • What activities do you want to do? (Do you need to book tickets in advance)
  • Do you want to cook or eat every night (or a combination of the two)

Sharing space together

The next biggest fight is trying to put two (or more!) People together in a small space, especially if you live in a motorhome or campervan.

Our biggest tip for this is to share storage space as evenly as possible – which is often not as easy as it seems.

For example, I have more clothes on the ship than my husband. We each have a locker for underwear and T-shirts, another for jeans / hoodies / etc and we share shoe lockers. But he wants more clothing space (he usually takes shirts and clothes for work, if he has to go to meet clients at the last minute), so he has more space there and I grabbed an extra locker for that thing (more t-shirts, Jeans and 3 more of my favorite Wandering Bird Hoodies – they are very warm and sticky.)

The strategy is to find a compromise that works for you / everyone. Be sure to consider the payload of your motorhome – just because you have a space to fill, doesn’t mean you have to pay to use it!

Also, be sure to use the cushion interior to store scarves / winter gear / blankets / socks and other soft things- it’s amazing how much you can fit in a few of them!

Couples road trip advice
Couples on road trips always look like this … (yes that’s right)

Couple Road Trip- Stop feeling out of control

If you have unlimited time / money / fuel, getting lost or taking the wrong turn probably won’t bother you too much.

For most of us, the anxiety starts because we think the campsite or hotel will close and we won’t get there on time, or we’re going to miss an event, or we’ll run out of fuel, or daylight or something.

Play with your strength

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I like road trip plans. Mr. WB hates it and rarely engages in any planning – unless he wants to do something specific. Instead, he trusts me to get everything out and he just goes on the ride.

However, if you are worried about not knowing, make sure you are involved in planning the trip. You will feel better if you only know how far to go, and which route to take. You will know how long you will be able to have lunch, or wander around a beautiful village and you will feel much less anxious.

Assign tasks accordingly

Mr. WW is a great driver and I would gladly take the motorhome and trailer down any idiotic small road, where I would be much more careful.

Conversely, I can navigate anywhere we go, when he struggles. It’s not that he can’t read a map or SAT-NAV, but he gets confused easily and so misses a junction সাধারণত usually when the next one is 7000 miles away.

So we work that he drives and I navigate. Many couples prefer to split driving – find what works for you.

Allow for mistakes

But the most important thing is to allow mistakes – especially if you are relatively new to road travel together. It is very likely that your partner will not know what you know and vice versa.

Be kind to each other, especially when parking a motorhome, or try to figure out how things work. I guarantee that something will go wrong on your road trip – something always happens. How you deal with it is the most important.

Road Trip Survival Kit
Couple Road Trip Survival Kit

Road trip advice for more couples

Here are some more tips to help make things easier

  • Take regular breaks to take breaks and stretch your legs – Fatigue doesn’t help on happy road trips
  • Provide road trip snacks for easy eating and drinking – hunger is not your friend either. If you’re in the van, be sure to grab one of these beautiful motorhome mugs to make your partner smile.
  • Make sure you have an epic road trip playlist to pass the time. This is not the time to bring up sensitive issues. Stuck in a small space can make things really awkward. Wait until you are out and about and can leave if you need to, or ideally until your trip is over!
  • Alternatively, ask some fun road trip games or questions to ask your partner, such as our Road Trip Survival Kit. Beware – these can be competitive!
  • Be honest when you need some space. Your partner is not a mind reader and doesn’t know when you’ve had enough and you need a break. I usually grab the dog and walk out the door to make it clear, but there have been times where I’ve pulled the curtains across the van and put on my voice-canceling headphones … just for a break. (Trust me, these things are a se godsend!)
  • Write in a road trip logbook so that you can remember all your adventures in the future

I hope this will help you feel more confident about your upcoming couple road trip. If you have any other tips, feel free to share below so we can all benefit.

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