Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have denied the allegations of fraud and threatened legal action

Cynthia Bailey and husband Mike Hill have said “Ahat, Ahat” in a recent allegation of cheating on Mike’s behalf. Media outlet TMZ recently caught up with the couple while entering Los Angeles International Airport. In a video interview, they denied that.

A Twitter user has sparked a discussion of infidelity in the couple’s marriage after releasing a screenshot of alleged Snapchat messages sent by Mike.

“We’re great,” Cynthia responds when asked about the state of their relationship. “Rumor has it.”

In their thread, the defendant says Mike sent them nude photos and videos. One of the tweets was a comparison to a man’s penis as well as a picture of Mike posted on his Instagram story. According to the Daily Mail, Mike’s chair and attire are the same in both pictures.

The account user also shared a screenshot of Mike’s Snapchat profile with his username. In a video, Mike is seen typing an account holder on Snapchat. Shortly after the alleged receipt was posted, the Twitter account was deleted.

At the airport, Cynthia called the rumors “very annoying.” Mike added that they were “stupid” and “not true.” Although friendly to the photo, the couple seemed brief with the conversation and safe in denying the rumors.

Neither of them has denied knowing the reason for fabricating the story. However, Mike is not playing these games with people on the internet. The sportscaster made it clear that he was willing to take it there, meaning the legal way, if the chatter continued.

“We will take care of it the way it is taken care of,” he said. “And that’s not true.”

The ‘Atlanta Real Housewives’ star and Mike recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in October. More than 175 guests were present at their wedding so naturally people were critical of the Covid-19’s decision to keep such a large, indoor space.

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