Dave Chappell compares Dabby’s previous legal troubles to his rolling remarks in the new comedy special

Dave Chappell is back on the comedy stage and his new special touch on Dabby’s recent comments on Rolling Loud. If you recall, Dabby was removed from multiple festival lineups after Rolling Loud made controversial comments about HIV / AIDS.

Contrary to popular opinion at the time, the attempt to cancel Dabby’s career did not sit well with Dave Chappell, who joked to the LGBTQ community about how deadly a career could be.

Dave began to joke about Debbie’s joke, comparing it to the previous legal case that he had wrapped up. According to authorities, Debbie has been accused of being involved in a deadly shooting at Walmart in North Carolina, which is not as harmful as Debbie, according to Des Chapel, Rolling commented loudly.

“A lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know Dabby’s history, he’s a wild guy,” Dave said. “He shot a * gga once and killed him at Walmart. Oh that’s true, Google it. Debbie shot a * gga at Walmart in North Carolina. Nothing bad happened in his career. Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country.” You can kill with a * gga shot but you don’t hurt the feelings of a gay person.

As we reported earlier, several HIV awareness organizations reached out to Dabby after his voice went viral, and he sat down with the organization to apologize. According to TMZ, Baby wanted to educate herself about people living with HIV and why her statements are so problematic.

Since then, Baby has released quite a few keys and new music for her fans.

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