Dave Chappell says he is open to talking to Netflix employees about his LGBTQ + jokes

TSR UPDATE: Despite Dave Chappell’s dissatisfaction with the controversy surrounding his Netflix special, he’s not on top of sitting down with streaming service staff who think he’s hurt them with his LGBTQ + jokes.

A spokesman for Dave told TMZ that he would be open to dialogue if those Netflix employees actually approached him for a discussion, but Dave’s camp said no one at Netflix had contacted him or his team about setting up such a conversation or meeting.

This is clearly very different from the woman who organized the Netflix walkout.

Ashley Mary Preston said Wednesday that she invited Dave to talk about her loss and others believe she has hurt the LGBTQ + community. He said, “I invite Dave Chappell to have a transformational conversation with us… this is not a culture of cancellation, but an avoidance of accountability. Dave Chappell can’t take the light from this moment.

Dave’s team is not clear why Ashley will make those demands, as he said in his special ‘The Closure’ that he is not against open dialogue.

Dave also emphasized during The Closer that empathy must go both ways and we must move away from a culture of abandonment.

In addition to the protests, employees provided Netflix with a list of claims, which included being included All images of Dave Chappell were immediately removed from the Netflix office, including murals, pictures, room names, and more.

In addition, they want Netflix to make a claim before ‘The Closure’ that it contains transphobic language, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech.

If Dave and Netflix protesters sit down, we’ll keep you posted.

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