David Allan Greer yelled at Adra McDonald during Tony’s acceptance speech. Celebrities

The Stage Annual Tony Awards kicked off on Sunday (September 2) night with a veteran stage and TV actor David Allan Greer Tony won his role for Best Actor of an Actor for playing a character A soldier’s game.

Gear, a trained Yale School of Drama Shakespeare actor, was nominated three times by Tony. When he got on stage to receive his first Tony, he yelled at the host Adra McDonald.

“He’s got these seven bad boys,” he said. Living color Former joke

McDonald’s, who is actually a six-time Tony winner, has been nominated for the award again, this time for his role. Claire de Lune Frankie and Johnny. He is also hosting the Tony Awards this year.

In his inaugural address, McDonald remarked that the Winter Garden Theater, where the award show was held this evening, was also the venue for the 1975 Tony The Wiz – The musical based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – won seven awards.

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He said there was a lot of hope that night that there would be more diversity on Broadway after that night.

“Over the last 46 years, very little has changed,” he said. “But I am hopeful that we are finally ready to commit to a change that will bring more awareness, action and accountability that will make our industry more inclusive and equitable for all.”

A soldier’s game Scheduled to adapt to a limited TV series that starred on the Greer show and acted as its executive producer.

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