DD and Jermaine Dupree debate about who got the most hits after the war request

Jermaine Dupree is very determined to fight DD hit-for-hit, and she made it clear with Live with Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg and DD himself.

On Friday, the two artists / producers got heated, but there has been a lot of hits and still a ridiculous debate about who will win if they face off in battle. However, DD has made it clear that he thinks Dr. Dray is the only person who has a catalog that can compete with him.

DD told Germain, “I can’t hear them playing any of you. Come on, when they go back to the club, I don’t hear them playing. I can’t hear anyone waving Chris Cross Shot or Na Bo Wow Shot. I want Drey, where’s Drey?

Fat Joe and Snoop Doug told DD that Dr. Dre is not interested in fighting. However, Snoop said he would ask Drake again if he would go down to fight.

DD then challenged JD to run his top five hits on Instagram Live because he was so confident that JD’s hits couldn’t compete with him. However, JD refused to perform any of his hits. Instead, he was interested in signing the DD papers so that the war could be official.

However, through all the controversy, DD made it clear to the audience that this is all love between him and the JD. He said, “Everyone has all these friends and family and it’s all people of love, it’s nothing.”

We are such Previously Reportedly, DD had already rejected JD’s offer for a fight and said, “My darling you don’t have enough hits on my ***. I’ll just destroy you with Biggie N Mary. But I’m the best towards you as a music legend. There’s respect – Dray can only get the ring with me. – Love. “

After DD and JD repeatedly went ahead on Instagram Live, fans have become excited about a potential fight between the two. Only time will tell whether these two legends will actually face each other.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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