DD stops Jermaine Dupree’s offer to fight a manufacturer: ‘Your weapon is too small for a short voice’

Producers are fighting! Ever since the Verzuz series instilled all the nostalgic feelings in our quarantined life, people have jumped into the battle of their dreams.

We’ve seen heavy hitters including Babyface and Teddy Riley get in the ring as producers, and during the fight between Fat Joe and Ja Rule on Tuesday night, DD responded to his request to get on the plate.

During the live fight, DD commented, “The only person I would dread,” Dr. Refers to Drake.

Despite DD’s shouting, another mega producer decided to take the olive branch and told DD that he wanted all the smoke.

Jermaine Dupree tweeted in response to DD’s comments, “Let someone let DD know I’m in the Garden right now! And for me he needs some more training. JD posted a selfie with his hoodie and mask.

Remember, we still have Diddy, JD or Dr. in any of these battles.

But DD was not so open to the idea of ​​going against Jermaine. He closed a tweet in response and gave JD a lil of reading with some of his famous “brother love” speeches.

“You’re my favorite *** a You don’t have enough hits. I’ll just destroy you with Big N Mary. But I have the most respect for you as a music legend – Dray can only get the ring with me. – Love.”

Fans were quite divided about DD’s reaction to JD. Several roommates were eager to remind DD about the producer catalog of Jermaine Dupree, some of whom are legends like Maria Carey, Usher and TLC.

Although only the fans didn’t feel a way about DD’s comments. TI enters the chat room and calls DD to shoot Jermaine Dupree.

Do you think Jermaine Dupree is a good matchup for DD? Let us know your thought consciousness!

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