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It was a nice but cool weekend at The Forum in England at the Sodal Fun Run stop of Dead & Company in LA. After arriving at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, December 2nd, the lot was starting to be active, and Shackdown Street was set up for business as usual with a stream of parka-decorated and apparently trembling deadheads. Those who trekked the East Coaster certainly didn’t complain about the 60-degree weather but even the local dogs wore ugly holiday sweaters for the post-Christmas occasion.

I always said in the days of the grateful dead travels of my youth (anyone will hear) that if you can find almost anything, including an ice shovel, you can wander around. I don’t think it was the case with these shows despite the winter but then again I didn’t really ask. By: 30 :: 300 The shakedown had turned into a chaotic zoo, surrounded by intense hissing of nitrous tanks. The frenzy was hard to avoid because there were more crowds than 405 freeways during rush hour. I hope you have made some money!

The venue was sold out and the raft filled with paint. The energy level in the forum was high because Bob Weir started singing a bouncy truckin song that turned out to be an equally fun version of the Alabama Gateway. John Mayer’s favorite stars love each other after Rumble on Rose which makes JM throw some nice leads. Me and my uncle later came after a sweet presentation of Cassidy. Brown Eyed Women (another Mayer Fave) is a fun and tough hit and later very enthusiastic Don’t Is Me In To Set Off.

The second set begins with slow but melodic playing in the band. There were some pretty improvised jams throughout it but if it gets slower they will have to change the name of the song. A fitting terapine follows the station and I walk out of this organ saying that I heard this song with this particular Jerry-after avatar. Astrologically and just outside the scene, the spiral light of Venus was actually rising first and was shining best from the north-west angle of the brand new crescent moon. By no means – it was …

Oteil then sang a beautiful china doll and led the others into a cracked drum by Bob. A soft jam from space brings us Wharf Rat and the set is closed with a red, white and blue glowing US Blues. Encore had to add some new acoustic reefs to the ripple song that played perfectly with John Mayer. All in all … a pretty good show. Not too much risk was taken by the band but what was played was well delivered and well received.

The sound in the forum was supposed to be really good as it was a arena and the enchanting light Dead & Company used for these fun run gigs was really spectacular and made full use of the whole space inside the venue. Sometimes the ceiling looked like a tie-dyed death star.

Bobby’s voice seems to be getting better with age and there’s an eye for those girls – his hair is well-groomed and suitable for the camera most of the night.

It’s hard to miss Bill Walton and his incredible wing span

Some random shots ….

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