Debbie responds to the influencer who claims to be married but tries to talk to her

Debbie is not doing this with the Atlanta influencer, who alleges she was married but tried to connect third parties with them despite the rapper.

The woman, who went “socially wrong” on her social media accounts, posted a long message on her Instagram page with some screenshots, accusing Debbie of trying to communicate with her through another woman.

Mrs. Latruth says everything went down in the DM, accusing Debbie of doing something with her husband.

“The ultimate disrespect for me is someone who sets foot in your DM who 1) just doesn’t know [you’re] Married, 2) was in the middle of doing business with my husband, 3) I am not someone’s BIHH and 4) I disrespect my husband and my marriage !!! The woman started her message.

Screenshots show Debbie asking another woman to hook them up via DM.

In that alleged message, Debbie wrote, “I need you to hit me this bad b *** h! This is the second time I’ve seen her that it’s a sign?”

“Some people will say you should just ignore it but the NAH is the ultimate disrespect I haven’t seen in the past,” Mrs. La Truth said. “My profile clearly says MRSLATRUTH and my husband LATRUTH person spoke to your team. [to] Lots of time. “

You can read the woman’s full voice below:

After Mrs. Latruth’s initial post went public online, Debbie is hopeful she will address the allegations in her Instagram story, claiming the messages were treated. He added that he would not try to hole up a married woman and that the language used in the spoken message did not reflect the way he spoke.

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