Detox your pores in 5 minutes with this TikTok-approved face mask

If you need a little more confidence to test this mask, read these reviews from Sephora buyers.

One wrote, “I bought this product a few days ago because I saw it on the ticket and wanted to try it out. When I first applied the product it was beautiful and smooth, had a slight odor but no extreme fragrance. How I like this product Brings all the oil and debris up to the surface in your pores. It was very easy and beautiful to wash off. After my skin felt smooth and hydrated. Love! “

Another buyer shared, “I just bought this and used it for the first time. I am writing this review right after the first use because it actually helped me find out a milia spot under my eyes for many months that was very stubborn.”

One fan said, “This mask is literally perfect! It cleans my pores which keeps my skin soft and clean!”

“Every time I use this mask my acne goes away overnight! My skin also feels very soft and it is definitely brighter,” shared one buyer from Sephora.

Another announced, “This is truly the best mask. It will make your skin feel extremely clean.”

“This is my best mask of all time. I have combo skin, I have huge pores in my tee zone and my cheeks are usually clean. With stress last year I started to get break out on my cheeks, very bad spots from acne. I used it once and I immediately noticed how clean my cheeks were !!! My pores were small, of course over time this is not a permanent solution for big pores.But it has made such a difference in my skin! If you try this on the fence, then Do it! It always sells for a reason! And it smells so good!

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