Dez Lof is here for a possible collaboration with Lil Dark

Run it again! Lil Dark has been in the game for a while, but over the past few years, he has risen to a new level in his rap career. She has just finished a “back out” tour with Lil Baby and Koi Lera. Her song with DJ Khaled, “Every Opportunity I Got” with Lil Baby, is number 27 on the Billboard charts, has eleven gold singles, and she continues to aim for a relationship with India Royal. As “The Voice” celebrates his birthday today, India has taken us back to our memory lane and reminded everyone of his father, Dej Lof.

India tweeted, “I don’t mind if Dark and Dez Lof do more music together. It was a time. Ikea. ”If you’re a fan of the new Dark, he and Dez gave us Bo Wao and Siara“ Like You ”vibes when they dropped the hit“ My Beyonce ”in 2015. The single recently had this year’s RIAA Certified Platinum, six years after its release. When the ex-couple was together, they were all talking about whether their relationship was real. Some speculated that this was done to target them in the industry. Anyway, they left it at the end of 2016. However, it does not seem that Dez has any strong feelings against Derek.

Dez took no time to respond to India’s tweet, saying, “It’s hard.” It’s been a year since Dez dropped new music, but fans seemed excited about the idea of ​​a possible collaboration with him and Dark. One tweeted, “I’ve been wanting another track from Yaal for a while. Please make it happen. Outside of people overwhelmed by Dez’s approval stamp, roommates praised India for talking about Dez saying he was safe enough in his relationship with Dark. One commented, “I love some India. Turned so. ”

Rumiz, will you be here for another Dez Loaf and Lil Dork collab?

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